Delivering end to end Internet of Things (IoT) services


The “Kaiser ENT2030” is a purpose built, cost effective, multi-technology gateway hosted with AI and ML analytics capability, and a rich set of wired and wireless communication channels and protocols and on board input/output. The product design, form factors suitable for industrial extended vibrations and temperature ranges. The product is designed for building and factory automation sectors, OEM asset management in automotive, industrial and mining sectors.

To build end-to-end connectivity from the edge to the cloud, Kaiser ENT2030 gateway support a wide variety of field communication protocols which are wired and wireless in nature and of course the cloud communication link via cellular, Wi-Fi and 10/100 Base-T WAN interface. As the devices or device networks to exchanging data over local radio frequency networks, the gateway designed with various RF technologies including ZigBee and BLE used to maximise the availability of the communication link for field sensor connectivity.

Kaiser Elysium 2030 is the world's first enterprise platform providing city- centric energy, real estate, home security, health care, hospitality, transportation, education, finance, industry and retail management services.

Elysium will integrate management information systems to provide optimization and governance- centric data that will enable the operating costs of a city and its services to be reduced through increased operational efficiency and real- time data calculation for the relevant decision makers in the city.

Building owners, contractors, real estate companies, government entities and infrastructure owners such as airports utility companies, telco's can collaborate and leverage the Elysium Command Control Center resources to optimize their operations, reduce their service costs, increase their asset returns and have the ability to manage them remotely in real time. Elysium offers modularity in components of application. The framework is flexible, scalable and elastic in order to add or reduce functionality based on business processes and key ecosystem performance indicators. Elysium 's application layer is designed to cover a variety of services and acts as a single point framework to deliver a unique service offering in a managed service delivery model.

The Elysium platform enables the development and integration of applications from third parties into the ecosystem of managed services.

Kaiser Automation will host Elysium in its enterprise cloud, which allows any asset owner worldwide to subscribe cost- effectively to the managed services offered. Multinational organizations can use the Kaiser Automation cloud to manage their business processes and assets on a single platform globally.

The Kaiser Automation Command Control Center is a new city management paradigm and offers collaborative ICT solutions for the city's ecosystem. Kaiser Elysium 2030 addresses the challenges of climate change and urban resource management by conducting real- time carbon footprint measurements, converging services through the use of ubiquitous technology that enables a more convenient and quality of life, a safe and sustainable environment.

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