Kaiser Automation offers a wide spectrum of solution pertaining to various customized solution needs globally

Kaiser Automation offers a wide range of solutions for various customized solutions worldwide. Some of the offering verticals in which Kaiser Automation are actively involved can be summed up as:

Internet-enabled products applications

Enable the connection of various devices to unified systems with separate communication protocols Lower costs of deployment, ownership and management

Platform Unification

Solutions to Connect home to the enterprise applications

Systems interaction in real time

User management of diverse systems

Merging Automation, IT & Services

Remote monitoring of electromechanical systems, fire and security systems in hundreds of customer facilities, allowing us to take action to correct problems before emergencies

Capture operating data from thousands of buildings around the world and use it to analyze and optimize for the benefit of customers

Scalable, extensible platform to build products and applications

Java based frameworks Frameworks


Microprocessor based embedded development

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