Organizations are under constant pressure to make better, faster and informed decision making.

Organizations are under constant pressure to make decisions that are better, faster and more informed. With a variety of data sources and inefficient, time consuming processes necessary to transform these data into useful information dashboards, building management plays a key role.

This helps organizations plan and achieve higher levels of performance wherever they require it. We deliver it as key performance indicators in real time via personalized portal dashboards. It also provides alerts and tools to help users take action at the most important point-before problems become critical.

Our digital dashboard provides actionable information based on past data that anticipates future performance and enables efficient decision-making.

The advantage of a dashboard is that it is easy to use, provides timely data and, most importantly, gives an idea as to how to go about implementing potential improvements and solutions.


Energy Monitoring

Project Consumption and cost patterns

Project Demands

Highlight Exceptions

Rank buildings and systems Identify the contributors and their percentage

Project performance against benchmark values.

Performance Monitoring

Real Time Projection of building Temperatures with highlighted comfort zones

Real Time Projection of Building HVAC Loads

Real Time Projection of Electrical Demand with highlighted peak demands

Performance Monitoring and indicators

Performance Monitoring of Chillers ( Accurate Chiller Data from BMS required)

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